Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Robert and Wendy's engagement

Wendy is a very special client of ours because her sister, Cynthia, hired us to shoot our very first wedding four years ago. Now, Wendy has meet the man of her dreams, Robert, and they're tying the knot in September. How exciting is that?

Ron and I met this awesome couple at Volunteer Landing for an ultra fun engagement shoot last Saturday, and we had an absolute blast!

As you can see, Volunteer Landing has numerous striking backgrounds for photography. Of course, having a passionate couple like Wendy and Robert doesn't hurt matters.

We added some fun post processing techniques to this train track picture and the one with the train caboose.

What a nice pair they make!

Being the troopers they are, they agreed to play in the fountains. However, it seemed like Wendy ended up getting more wet than Robert. She noticed this as well and made sure to make up for it by giving him a nice big hug and kiss.

This seriously was one of the most fun shoots we have ever had! Congratulations to Wendy and Robert! If you guys always remember to have a sense of humor about things, like you did at Volunteer Landing, everything will go smoothly in your marriage! We are looking forward to shooting your wedding and getting to spend another fun-filled day with your families!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jason and Jodi's engagemet

Jason and Jodi met us at UT Garden's for an engagement session on May 8. They are such a fun and loving couple. We had a great time taking their pictures. This is a sneak peek from their session. The first one is my favorite.

They were so sweet together. They always looked so in love, from the beginning to the end of the session.

We tried something a little more funky with the post processing on this one.

Jodi's ring is gorgeous!

See what I mean about them being in love? I'm glad they didn't mind kissing for the camera!

We are so excited about Jason and Jodi's upcoming wedding. It's going to be beautiful! Congratulations you guys! We're glad we get to be part of your special day!